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Chamber Proposal for the Old Foothills Lodge, an option worth looking at

Discussions on what to do with the Old Foothills Lodge Building will be taking place over the next 6 months. The following is the Chambers Proposal sent to the Foothills Lodge Repurposing Committee. It will be one of many Proposals. We look forward to helping the Committee find the best possible option for the entire Community, what ever that repurposing might be.

The Chamber's Proposal:

Our concept would use the Lodge for the introduction of an entirely new Industry in the Town of Sundre. That industry is Post Secondary Education. The Lodge itself would be used as a residence building that would support College and/or University Satellite and Coop Programs.

The facility could also be used as housing for Resident/Intern Doctors and Nurses working within the community.

For example; Nursing Students working/studying at the new Seniors Centre and Hospital, Biology Students would work and study with Sundre Forest Product – Woodlands office, Petro Chemical and Power Engineering Students would study with local Oil and Gas Companies, and so on. All would stay at the Old Lodge.

Satellite Class rooms would be set up to create and online availability to Professors and resources. As the program grows, Classroom facilities would be expanded elsewhere in Sundre (ie, the Old Town Office, right next door).

Long Term:

As the program and concept expand, a conversation will take place with a Post Secondary Institution to create a Satellite Campus. The positive economic impact would be staggering. We have the potentially to bring thousands of Students to Sundre and creating millions of dollars in Revenues year round.


The Lodge is set up as a dormitory style Building. Exactly the format needed for this proposal.

With minimal investment the building could be setup for Student and Hospital resident programs.


Post Secondary Education is an industry that is now year round focused and will attract young professionals to our Community. Long term, new jobs will be created right here in Sundre.

There would also be an immediate positive impact for local restaurants, pubs, cafes and all retail business.

As our population ages, there will be and is a greater need than ever before to diversify our current demographic. As a Community we need to grow this town in a significant way.

This Proposal considers that for the long term economic and social health of Sundre and Area.

Mike Beukeboom



Sundre & District Chamber of Commerce


Box 1085 Sundre, AB T0M 1X0

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