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The Chamber asks the Town of Sundre to speed up the Development Process

During the November 7th, 2016 Town of Sundre Council Meeting the Sundre and District Chamber of Commerce formally requested that our 'Business Development Strategy - Action Items' (from April 2016) be implemented as soon as possible.

This Strategy is a working document. It was developed over the last year and a half, from feed back and concerns by area Businesses brought forward to the Chamber. A major concern to the Chamber is that the development process is slowing. As a small community, it is imparitive that we have a competitive advantage when it comes to doing business in Sundre and Area. Speeding up the Development Process, when and where possible is critical.

We have had several excellent conversation with the Town's Development office and would like to thank Angie Lucas and her Staff for their help in understanding the Development Process better. In fact, they are currently working on several of our requests. Thank you Angie.

The up coming Province of Alberta's modernization of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) will have an impact on how quickly some of our request can be implemented or not. We will have to be patient in some areas.

Below are the Action Items requested. (Again, Town Staff have begun to work on several Items.)

1) The Land Use By-Law - The implementation of a new, modern Land Use By-Law. One that matches the MDP completely and proactively. It is critical that this process starts immediately.

2) Transfer the duties and approvals from the MPC to the Development Office that will expedite the Development Process. The Development Office should process applications such as Signs, variances, home occupations etc. Again, this is critical to Business Development and Staff efficiency.

3) Move all Council Meetings to a day time start and finish. This will make Town Staff available to Council during regular Business hours. Benefits include, no Staff OT hours and Staff quality of life.

4) Event Planning - Create a proactive strategy for all Sundre and Area Events. Allowing the Town to offer a consistent, manageable product to the Community.

5) Reduce the # of Committee Meetings that Councilors and Staff are required to attend to quarterly attendance.

6) Create a Business Development Committee or Partnership. Continue to Identify opportunities to improve the relationship with the Business Community.

7) In the future, investigate the pros and cons of a Tax Incentive Program.

8) Review and Implement a new Development Fees Schedule.


Sundre & District Chamber of Commerce


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