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Amalgamation of Town and County, is it time?

As many of you know, the relationship or partnership between the Town of Sundre and County of Mountain View has not been a good one for decades now. At times it has been down right frustrating and even dysfunctional. Constant threats and disagreements are simply unacceptable. The current partnership has not, and is not working.

The most important relationship for any Municipality, next to the one you have with the Community, is the partnership between neighbouring local Governments. In our case, it's the relationship between the Town of Sundre and County of Mountain View. From a logistic standpoint it is the most important Relationship. Without as strong proactive partnership you cannot serve your Community properly.

This is surprising for the simple fact that we have good Representation and Staff Resources in both Municipalities. The Chamber has a good relationship with the Town of Sundre. We have a good relationship with the County of Mounty View. But we have to ask, are there philosophic and systemic differences between the goals of the Town and the County? Or is there another problem? Something has to change.

Therefore, we have requested that the Minister of Municipal Affairs consider an Amalgamation of the two Municipalities in our 'trade area'; a 'Greater Sundre and Area Municipality'.

Concepts discussed:

1) Geographic Boundary 2) Current Assets 3) Current Provincial Grants and 4) Revenue Transfer.

It would allow Sundre and Area to have 100% control of our tax base.

We will keep you posted.


Sundre & District Chamber of Commerce


Box 1085 Sundre, AB T0M 1X0

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